The health benefits of fish oil supplementation can include protecting your hearing, strangely enough

You’ve probably realised if you’ve read our website that an adequate intake of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil are beneficial for a wide range of health problems. But it might not have occurred to you that the health benefits of fish oil included helping you hear better.

Yes that’s right, there are studies which are demonstrating that increasing the amount of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids in your diet can reduce the likelihood that you will suffer from poor hearing.

2 studies have come to this conclusion, one in Australia and another study in Holland.

It is not fully understood why more of the essential fatty acids could help you hear better, or at least reduce your likelihood of poor hearing.

In Holland the study examined the hearing of the various participants and tested their ability to hear both high and low frequency sounds and asked each participant to fill in a questionnaire about what they ate. This was then used to examine what dietary intake they had a number of things including their intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

3 years later each of the participants was again measured and examined, and the conclusion drawn in the study was that those who exhibited the most hearing loss were those who had the lowest amounts of the Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet, in other words those who ate the least amount of benefits of fish oil

This study is also supported by the results of an Australian study which found that those who have the highest consumption of the essential fatty acids are somewhere around 10 percent less likely to suffer from loss of hearing when compared with people who have the lowest intake of fatty acids.

This study was undertaken over 5 years, and it was found that the rate at which hearing loss occurred was somewhere around half for those who ate fish up to twice a week compared to other people in the study who had a greater amount of hearing loss and who rarely or never ate fish.

Needless to say you can’t assume that if you eat lots of fish, or better still supplement your diet with high quality Omega3 supplements, that you’re fully protecting yourself from loss of hearing. Loss of hearing can be a result of many factors including exposure to high levels of noise throughout your life, often in industrial situations, and taking more Omega 3 in your diet won’t reverse this.

But it will certainly help it seems, and there is such a wide range of health benefits from fish oil supplementation that you are also attracting numerous other health benefits to yourself as well as potentially protecting your hearing.

These studies examined the rate of intake of fish in each of the participants, fish being the major source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, though there are other minor sources as well.

However unfortunately fish is becoming more and more expensive as we overfish our oceans, and it is becoming uneconomical for the average family to buy fish twice a week at $30 a kilo.

The good news is that for somewhere around $20 you can buy high quality fish oil supplements which allow you to supplement your diet with high levels of DHA and EPA every single day for an entire month.

And that’s far more cost-effective than buying fish twice a week.

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